Bridget says she’s worried that her 38-year-old brother-in-law, Kevin, may be having an inappropriate relationship with her 16-year-old daughter, Grace. She says Kevin visits and spends alone time with Grace as often as four times a week, and that a red flag was raised for her when Grace told her that Kevin put whipped cream on his neck and asked her to lick it off — which Kevin claims not to remember. Bridget says she snooped around Grace’s bedroom and found a letter that Kevin wrote to Grace. Hear what Kevin wrote in that letter that Bridget says made her “feel sick.” 

Kevin strongly denies having an inappropriate relationship with his niece and claims that he’s just trying to be a father figure since Grace’s dad passed away.
Bridget admits she’s not sure what to believe, but her sister, Tami, says that she thinks Kevin acts like more than a friend, claiming that he has even given Grace a secret cell phone so they can communicate with each other — a claim Kevin denies.. Tami says she thinks Bridget and Kevin’s wife, Carrie, are in denial about their relationship.

Is this a case of innocent bonding between an uncle and his niece, or is there something more?

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