Sandra and her ex-husband, Joey, admit they’re in a bitter custody battle, and Sandra’s neighbor, Linda, says she’s concerned for their two young daughters caught in the middle. Sandra and Joey’s mudslinging has included accusations of poisoned ice cream, neglect and inappropriate conduct. Sandra has even alleged that Joey put one child in a garbage bag weighted-down with rocks in a bathtub and filled it with water. 

Linda says she’s been watching from the sidelines and still doesn’t know who to believe. Are these parents telling the whole truth?
Sandra and Joey are offered polygraph and drug tests. Will they both agree to the tests? And if so, what do the results reveal? Don’t miss this dramatic conclusion! This program contains strong sexual content. Viewer discretion advised.
Catch up on what you missed in Part 1!

Sandra And Joey Return: Will Sandra Finally Take The Polygraph And Drug Test?

A Custody Confrontation As Sandra Storms Off: Will She Return?


Tune in to see what happens when Joey and Sandra are offered the chance to take a polygraph test.  

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