Lauren says she resents her parents, Laura and John, for the life she says she lived as a teen. She claims that Laura neglected to teach her any life skills and encouraged her to drop out of high school in the eleventh grade and that John was more of a friend than a parent, who drank alcohol and used drugs with her and her teenage friends.

John admits he was the “party dad,” who even hosted parties at his house, but says he used drugs and alcohol as a way to bond with Lauren. But is this just the tip of the iceberg?

Lauren also claims that her dad had multiple affairs – including one with her mom’s friend – and that her mom stole her identity and racked up $50,000 in debt – a claim Laura denies.

And, Dr. Phil drops the bombshell that John spent nearly two years behind bars and was dubbed the “Breast Pump Bandit” by his city’s local news, for stealing thousands of dollars’ worth of breast pumps and selling them online. Hear what Dr. Phil has to say when he learns John allegedly used Lauren as an unknowing accomplice in his shoplifting heists!

Plus, learn why Laura says she allowed John to bring other woman to live with them -- while she slept on the couch! It’s a Dr. Phil episode you cannot miss!

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Tune in as Dr. Phil uncovers more painful moments in this family's history, including John's affairs, his stealing -- while Lauren was with him -- and more. And on Wednesday, John admits a shocking secret.

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