Three sisters, Elvia, Erica and Tiffany, say they like to call themselves the “Mexican Kardashians,” because on the outside, they’re educated and beautiful, but behind closed doors, they admit that their family is more “dramatic, chaotic and broken,” than glamorous. They say they’re always fighting with each other or with their mother, Janie, and Elvia and Erica claim the main source of conflict is Tiffany.

Elvia and Erica claim Tiffany is irresponsible, rude and emotionally and verbally abusive to Janie, with whom Tiffany lives rent-free. They say Tiffany recently vandalized an ex-boyfriend’s house and caused $20,000 worth of damage, and that her non-stop drama is taking a toll on their mother’s health.

Elvia and Erica also claim that Tiffany has been a “sugar baby” and worry that her promiscuity is putting her in dangerous situations.Tiffany denies being abusive to Janie, and says she’s just “addicted to love” and can’t be alone.

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Tune in: What may be behind Tiffany’s behavior? And, can Dr. Phil help these feuding sisters call a truce?