Twenty-two-year-old Sadie is a high school teacher, a beauty queen running for Miss Florida, and a candidate for political office in her hometown – and that’s just a few of her recent commitments. Sadie says she wants to be everything to everyone, and she just can’t say “no” – ever. But is her ambition is coming at a cost?

Sadie says she’s been hospitalized six times for stress, has passed out in the middle of the street, and recently received a stern health warning from her doctor to slow down or risk serious heart disease.

Sadie’s mother, Jennifer, claims she has no idea where Sadie’s non-stop drive comes from. But Dr. Phil questions whether this apple fell far from the tree, and points out the nearly identical similarities between them.

Then, Courtney, 25, says she was diagnosed with OCD at 8 years old and admits to spending nearly every hour of the day trying to avoid germs – including taking multiple showers, washing her hands until they bleed and refusing to walk on her living room floor without paper towels under her feet. She lists shoes, toilets, garbage and wet floor signs among her phobias, but says her biggest fear is seeing or touching vomit. Courtney’s boyfriend Patryk says he’s at his wits’ end and refuses to marry Courtney until she gets her life together.

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Tune in: Can Dr. Phil help free Sadie and Courtney from their fears and phobias?

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