"Pwease ... With Sprinkles?"
Julie likes to baby talk to get her way, and her frustrated husband says, "This is not normal." 




Will she baby talk Dr. Phil?

Update: How is she now?


"Sick and Twisted"
Jesse likes to make fun of the people around her. She wonders, "Is it sick and twisted?"




See what Dr. Phil thinks.

Has Jesse changed?


Too Affectionate?
Rachel's parents constantly embarrass her by French kissing in public.




View this story.

Have they changed?


Reverse Body Image
Angie weighs 235 pounds and knows she's overweight, but sees a thin person in the mirror.


Is it normal?


Thumb Sucker
Mollie is a 32-year-old who still sucks her thumb. She wants Dr. Phil's advice on how to stop.



See what Dr. Phil thinks.

Update: How is she doing?

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