Brittney, 18, and Katelyn, 19, claim that throughout their lives, their mom, Cheryl, has been “neglectful, full of excuses and absent,” and chooses to “party with men” rather than be a mom. The teens currently live with their grandmother, Sharron, who says she’s fed up with picking up the pieces of what she calls Cheryl’s bad choices. They all say they’re concerned with what they call Cheryl’s promiscuous behavior and wonder if her “revolving door of men” could be caused by a sex addiction.

Cheryl adamantly denies their accusations and says she’s ready to cut ties if they don’t stop ganging up on her. She claims that Brittney and Katelyn are disrespectful, and says she believes Sharron’s enabling ways may have contributed to the overdose death of her son eight months ago.

Brittney and Katelyn say that the tragedy of their brother’s death should have brought them together, but instead, it has pushed them further apart. Can Dr. Phil help get to the root of this family’s issues so they can start healing?

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