Megan claims for the last five years, her husband, Scott, has been a “drunken, incorrigible, alcoholic mess.” She says it’s a miracle that Scott is still alive, especially after a fall down a flight of stairs left him with a broken neck and in a coma for 22 days.

Scott is adamant that he was not drunk when he fell and insists he can get his drinking under control, but Megan says five trips to rehab and over 40 hospital visits, costing more than $1.8 million, tell a different story. She says she’s terrified he might die and is running out of hope.

Scott’s step-daughter, Kendall, says Scott embarrasses himself when he’s drunk. And his daughter, Jordan, says she organized an intervention for her dad – during which she claims he was drinking.

Scott says he wants to figure out why he’s been drinking to such excess, but is he ready to face the possibility that he may have a real problem? Dr. Phil doesn’t mince words with his advice for Megan and Scott.

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