Dr. Phil meets Linda and her fiancé, Britt, who were listening backstage while Linda’s daughter gave her account of what she says happened when she went missing. Linda and Britt tell Dr. Phil they were shocked and devastated by the teen’s account of traveling across state lines with a 41-year-old man before she was found by the FBI.

Then, Linda and Britt learn new information about the reasons Linda’s 15-year-old daughter says she wanted to leave home. See what they find out about the young woman’s thoughts and beliefs at the time of her disappearance. And, find out what happens that causes the couple to storm off stage?

And, the teen’s biological dad, Russell, speaks with Dr. Phil about the tension in their family.

Can this divided family put their tension aside and work together for the sake of the teen?

Mom Reacts To Learning Why Her Teen Daughter Says She Ran Away With 41-Year-Old Stranger
Family Of Teen Who Ran Away Comes To Terms With Why She Says She Needed To Leave Family
How A Private Investigator Used Social Media To Locate A Missing Teen
See The Surprising Update From After The Show

Dr. Phil's final thought: “I’d like to remind all parents of teens who are watching today’s show that it is so essential to talk with your children and teenagers. Ask questions, be involved in their lives every day.”

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