Ruth and her husband, Mike, claim Ruth’s 20-year-old daughter, Allie, is ruining their lives with her outlandish lies. They claim Allie lies about nearly everything from pregnancies and miscarriages to Mike killing a kitten with a 2x4 and Ruth killing Allie's cousin in a car wreck — none of which they say is true. They claim Allie’s lies have cost them relationships with family and friends, their business, more than $100,000 in legal fees, and have landed Ruth behind bars.

Mike claims he’s often the target of Allie’s lies. Find out why he could be facing up to four years in jail on charges of statutory rape in the 2nd degree — for something he is adamant he never did.

Allie admits that she lies, but says she doesn’t know why and says sometimes she can’t even remember doing it. What does Dr. Phil think may be at the root of her behavior? Is she a teen crying out for help, or could there be something deeper at play?

Update: According to Mike the attempted statutory rape charge against him has been dismissed.

Mom and Stepdad Claim Daughter's Lies Have Destroyed Their Lives
Three Common Reasons People Lie

20-Year-Old Says She Doesn’t Know Why She Lies And Can’t Stop

Dr. Phil's final thought: “I’d like to remind all parents of teens who are watching today’s show that it is so essential to talk with your children and teenagers. Ask questions, be involved in their lives every day.”

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