In May 2012, Kathleen and Martin O’Brien were charged with abusing some of their six internationally adopted children whose abuse allegations included being locked in a room with no bathroom, being forced to kneel naked on sharp rocks and forced stand in a feces covered dog pen.

Today, two of the six children, Leonid, 16, and Carolina, 17, share what they say they endured and how far they’ve come with the help of their newly adoptive parents, Katie and Ryan. Hear their emotional story of strength and perseverance.

At trial, Kathleen O’Brien was found guilty of three counts of child abuse and one count of disorderly conduct, Martin O’Brien was convicted of four counts of child abuse, and they were given one-year in prison -- a sentence Katie and Ryan say is nowhere near enough!

Dr. Phil and special guest, Daily Mail Editor-at-Large Piers Morgan, discuss the case and provide tools to help this family continue to move forward. Plus, don’t miss the special surprises Dr. Phil has in store for them!

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