Viewers go head-to-head with Dr. Phil, arguing that his advice was off the mark!

Adoption Debate
Melissa and Nichole, who have opposing views, challenge the advice Dr. Phil gave Alexandra, the 15-year-old new mother on the "Dr. Phil Family" series.

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Vocabulary Lesson
Laurie, an adoptive mother, makes Dr. Phil do his homework when it comes to the words he uses about adoption.

"Dr. Phil Is a Bully."
D.L., who is happy at 325 pounds, thinks Dr. Phil hates fat people, and takes offense to a conversation he had with one of his competitors in the Weight Loss Challenge.

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"You Owe Me an Apology"
On a Weight Loss Challenge show, Dr. Phil made a comment that Genger says was way off base. Dr. Phil clarifies his position by referring to a previous show, and speaking to a former guest. 

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Proud to be Mixed
Thea, a biracial teenager, wants to tell Dr. Phil how wrong he was in his analogy he made for a guest on "Divided by Race."


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Pet Death Disagreement
Noreen has a bone to pick with Dr. Phil regarding advice he gave a family on "Kids' First..." Dr. Phil follows up with that family to see how his advice worked.

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