From curing rare forms of cancer to foreseeing mass destruction and freeing others from sickness and sin, Julia says she believes she is “God’s chosen prophet” and has these types of abilities and more. She also says as “His vessel,” she must carry out His commands.

But her parents, Mark and Cheryll, claim that Julia said God told her to quit her high-paying job, which they say caused her to be homeless; taught her how to resurrect living creatures from the dead, which Julia has said she can do; and that it was her destiny to marry a man named “Jeff,” which they say resulted in a threatened restraining order.

Julia calls her parents are “blasphemous” and claims they’re trying to destroy her by wanting to send her to a mental health facility. But Mark and Cheryll say they’re concerned for the well-being of their grandchildren, particularly their young grandchild who Julia claims also has “the gift.” Julia’s parents say that they’ve been researching ways to gain custody of their grandchildren.

Is Julia abiding by the scripture she expects others to live by? Does her family believe mental illness might be a factor?

“I Believe God Has Anointed Me As A prophet For His Kingdom”
Grandparents Say They’re Concerned For Grandkids Living With Mom Who Claims To Be A Prophet

Tune in: Hear from Julia’s husband, Damien, who says he believes Julia is a prophet of God, and how he says Julia healed him. And, Julia’s sister, Angie, says she doesn’t believe her sister is a prophet at all. What does she think is at the root of Julia’s beliefs?

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