Connor, 18, says he’s stuck in the middle of a feud between his mom, Megan, and his fiancée, Victoria, and both women want him to pick a side! He claims that when he was 16, his mom “hit the roof” when she learned that he and Victoria were having a baby, and claims Megan kicked him out and told him that he’s no longer welcome in their family. But Megan says Connor “behaved his way right out the door” and claims is was his decision to leave and move in with his grandmother, Bonnie.

Megan claims Victoria manipulates her son and believes Victoria pregnant to trap Connor after learning that he will someday receive a large inheritance. Victoria vehemently denies Megan’s claims and says she’s tired of Megan calling her awful names and claiming she’s a spoiled brat – and says Megan needs to stay out of her and Connor’s relationship.

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Tune in: Can Dr. Phil help Megan and Victoria see eye-to-eye? Will Connor have to choose between the women? And, hear why Megan says she can’t wait for the “flames of hell” to come knocking on her mother, Bonnie’s, door. 

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