Elizabeth claims for the last four years, she’s been terrorized, beaten, threatened and spat on by her 21-year-old daughter, Lyndsay. She even claims that during one argument Lyndsay “gunned the car,” and she ended up face down on the cement with scratches and broken teeth.

Lyndsay admits she has anger issues but claims fighting is nothing new for her and her mom. She says Elizabeth has always been a “horrible mother” and claims that growing up, Elizabeth was physically abusive and went out a lot while leaving her in the care of her grandparents. She admits that anything can trigger a fight between them and claims Elizabeth recently threw a bottle at her head and that neighbors have called the police and CPS.

Elizabeth adamantly denies all of Lyndsay’s accusations — so what is really going on here? Hear what Lyndsay’s boyfriend, Ryan, has to say about this mother/daughter dynamic. And, will police incident reports reveal anything about what's gone on in this home? Could Elizabeth’s past parenting choices be backfiring on her?

Then, as a special surprise, Lyndsay gets a reading from teenage clairvoyant medium Tyler Henry, star of the new E! series, “Hollywood Medium.”

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