Sisters Lisa and Jana have been estranged for the past five years since the passing of their mother. Lisa was named as the executor of their mother’s estate as well as the sole beneficiary of their mother’s retirement and insurance plan and she says ever since, Jana has accused her of lying, cheating, stealing and even killing their mother! Lisa says she wants to sell her mother’s house and distribute the profits as her mother wished, but Jana, who has lived in their mother’s home for the past five years, says she has no intention of leaving. She says Lisa is nothing more than a “money grubbing troll” who took money that was rightfully hers to buy cars, houses and go on vacations. Can Dr. Phil help these feuding sisters find a resolution?

And, meet Miranda, who claims her mother, Marianne, would rather pay for breast implants, salon visits and skimpy clothes than Miranda’s college education. She says Marianne is obsessed with looking like a stripper, after she found out that her husband of 26 years confessed he went to a strip club 21 years ago. With a $30,000 plastic surgery appointment months away, Miranda says her mom needs a serious wake-up call.

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