Angel claims her mother, Catherine, allowed her grandfather (now deceased) to molest her when she was a child. Angel says her mother knew her father was a molester because he had done the same thing to her when she was a little girl. Yet when Catherine’s father was bedridden and dying, she moved him into their home with her and her young children. Angel says at sometime between the ages of 2-7 her grandfather touched her and at least one other sibling inappropriately. Angel claims Catherine was also verbally and physically abusive to her and her siblings and claims that Catherine beat her regularly. Angel also claims her mother treated her worse than any of her siblings including, in her words, making her “tear apart a dead pony with her bare hands” and leaving her to have to borrow her mother’s underwear while her siblings received new clothes. Angel says her mother is evil and that she hasn’t seen or spoken to her in four years.

Catherine says when her father was dying, he was so weak she never thought he could hurt her children. And, she says Angel has exaggerated her childhood and what happened. Catherine says her father was only in the home for three days and on the third day, she caught him touching one of her daughters and put him out that same day. She says she never saw or spoke to her father again.

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