Twenty-five- year-old Amanda says for nearly a decade she was forced to keep a secret so dark and disturbing that when she finally revealed it to her family, they called her a pathological liar and refused to believe her.

Her secret: She says that from age 10 to 25 she was molested over 795 times by her father Earl Nix.

She says that despite a jury conviction of first degree criminal sexual conduct and third degree sexual conduct, her family continues to say that she is lying and that she is just seeking attention.

Her mother, DeeDee, says Amanda's father is a great man. Amanda's grandmother Sharon says she believes Amanda and says DeeDee is in denial and “brainwashed” by her convicted felon husband, who she says has managed to turn her against her own daughter.

The discussion gets emotional when the three women come face-to-face in an attempt get to the bottom of what happened between Amanda and Earl.

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