Dr. Phil intervenes on the behalf of his guests who are desperate to save the life of an obese family member.



"There Is No Hope"
Joell weighs 611 pounds and relies on others for everything. She feels helpless, worthless and hopeless, and wonders if things would be better if she were no longer around.


"Help is on the way," Dr. Phil tells Joell.

See how Joell is doing today.

Joell's exciting news! 


Grandma Virginia
Thirteen-year-old Ashley is worried her grandmother will die because of her weight, and she's desperate for Dr. Phil to help Virginia get real about her weight problem.

Can they convince Virginia to change her life? 


Edward has been married two weeks and won't let his new wife touch him. He's 200 pounds and extremely uncomfortable with his body.



See what Dr. Phil tells Edward.