On Thanksgiving Day 2013, the Hutson family’s celebration turned deadly.

While Donald Hutson was out shopping the Black Friday sales, he had no idea his home was being turned into a horrifying and gruesome murder scene. His 19-year-old daughter, Rachel, fatally shot her own mother. She then called her father to confess to the crime, and when he didn’t believe her, she texted him a photo of her mother’s body.

Rachel's lawyers say she had a history of mental illness that had gone undiagnosed for years. Did the added stress of caring for her ailing mother push her to snap? Or, did she have a different motive?

Now, Rachel is speaking out in an exclusive interview. Will it finally be revealed what caused her to commit this unthinkable crime?

And later, Rachel comes face to face with her family for the first time since she was sentenced.

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