Elizabeth, 24, and her boyfriend, Cory, 36, have been together for three years and say they need Dr. Phil’s help before they can get married and spend the rest of their lives together.

Cory, who had two children prior to meeting Elizabeth, says when he first met Elizabeth he told her that he is the “king of his castle” and that if she wanted to be “queen,” she has to listen to her “king.”

Elizabeth says Cory’s dominant personality is what instantly drew her to him, and after only knowing each other for three weeks, Elizabeth moved into Cory’s home, and she claims that’s when the “Cory knows best” rules started, along with, she alleges, physical and verbal abuse. Cory absolutely denies Elizabeth’s allegations and, according to Cory, when he met Elizabeth, she was an “addicted mess,” and he “saved” her. Cory also claims he had to put strict rules in place to keep her safe and says he’s the best thing to ever happen to Elizabeth.

According to Elizabeth, Cory monitors and screens her Facebook page, emails, and phone records. She also claims that he must also approve of her friends – and that she has lost 30 so far – that he doesn’t allow her to talk to any males, and that Cory must pick out Elizabeth’s lingerie.

You may be surprised to see what else is on the list of so-called rules. Elizabeth says she is starting to question whether she’s “stupid” for trying to make this relationship work. Cory says if Elizabeth can’t abide by his rules, she’s free to go—so why hasn’t she?

Can this relationship be fixed? You won’t want to miss Dr. Phil’s surprising response!

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