It's called the Ultimate Weight Loss "Challenge" because the 13 participants are competing against each other ... and also because there are bound to be obstacles as you change your life. Dr. Phil answers the questions you've been asking along the way.

Carey travels a lot for his job, and eats almost all of his meals at restaurants and drive-throughs.

How can he stay healthy?  


We pulled off a hidden camera experiment to find out how Judith and Jim order when they're out.





Find out what happened.


Kaye wishes her husband would lose weight — and won't have sex with him until he does.




Is her ultimatum working? 


After 10 years of diet pills, can a guest lose weight without them?

View Dr. Phil's advice


Jodi exercises, but can't seem to lose all of her pregnancy weight.

What is she doing wrong?

Janine was a Weight Loss Challenge semi-finalist who's been losing weight on her own.

Dr. Phil checks in.  


Dr. Phil surprises a Weight Loss Challenge support group in Cleveland. His tips: Meet regularly, have a timeline and a buddy system, and write down goals.



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