Guests who took Dr. Phil's advice return to the show and reveal how their lives have been transformed.

Jennifer (left) and her husband Ed appeared on "That's Rude!" because of her insulting behavior toward service people and his "barbaric" table manners. Another rude guest was Patty (right), who wouldn't get off her cell phone.


Have they learned some manners? 



On "What Are You Really Mad About?" Rami admitted he was verbally abusive to his wife Allyson over the smallest things. Dr. Phil told Rami that his anger had nothing to do with his wife.


Did Dr. Phil's advice help this family? 



David and his teddy bear idea got a big break on "How to Make Millions." Jennifer (center) overcame her fears of playing the piano during "Dr. Phil's Confidence Course," and Danielle got dating advice on "Project Single Girls, Part 2


See how their lives have changed.



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