The first Get Straight with Your Weight show was such a success, Dr. Phil continued to take questions from the audience after the show ended. As Dr. Phil explains to the audience, when it comes to weight loss, it really isn't about what you eat, it's about why you eat.


Ann is currently reading Self Matters and says, "The chapter on Ten Defining Moments brought up a lot of painful stuff that I have been in denial about for a long time. How can I deal with pain without hurting myself?"

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Ellen says she's tried just about every diet, she even had her mouth wired shut, but nothing has kept the weight off. She now wants to try gastric bypass surgery, but is having second thoughts.




Valerie, a successful businesswoman and entrepreneur, wants to know why she's been so unsuccessful in her attempt to lose weight. 

"I've been overweight all my life and I'm tired of it," says Debbie. "I don't understand why." Could she be turning to food to cope with unresolved feelings about being molested at the age of 12?

When Cathy's young son Joshua passed away recently, she said her lifelong battle with weight got worse. "I hid myself in the house and ate. I've probably gained twenty pounds since he passed away."

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  • Re-engineer Your Life
    Follow these five steps to create a strategy for getting straight with your weight.