At home these girls are sweet and well behaved, but at school they're mean and disliked. Dr. Phil goes one-on-one with the parents of girl bullies and helps them communicate with their aggressive daughters.

Sex Bracelets
In some middle schools, blue means oral sex and red means a lap dance. Parents and teachers are becoming increasingly concerned about these seemingly innocent bracelets.

Bracelets: fashion fad or sexual game?  


Can Adelia Change?
Ten-year-old Adelia is bossy and mean and has recently started physically attacking her classmates. She has no friends and her parents are becoming increasingly worried about her future.


Dr. Phil talks to Adelia's parents.  


Good Girl Gone Bad
Twelve-year-old Jessica has been a considerate and loving child, but recently she's been hanging with a tough group of girls. Her mom Leanne is concerned that she may be raising a bully.

Dr. Phil has advice for Leanne.