It's been weeks since Brandon's intervention and reluctant agreement to check into a drug treatment facility. Now, he and his family speak with Dr. Phil as they start the lifelong marathon of recovery.

Catch up with this family as they prepared for the intervention and as they confronted Brandon.

After the Intervention
Brandon's family experienced fear and relief as they came home without Brandon.



See their reaction. 



The Family's Roller Coaster
Doug and Debbie record their thoughts in a video diary during a week of family therapy with Brandon. 



Doug and Debbie's diary.  



Brandon Returns
Last time, Brandon stormed off stage in anger and humiliation. Directly from rehab, he returns to update Dr. Phil and the public.



What Brandon has to say.  



Support For Brandon
Brandon's little brother and sister share their support, as do thousands of viewers who could relate to this family.



Words of encouragement. 



Audience Questions
Brandon and Dr. Phil answer questions from the audience and Brandon gives advice.



See their advice.


See Brandon's journey to date.


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Extra Content

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