As they struggle with adultery, the threat of bankruptcy and parenting problems, the second Dr. Phil family is in jeopardy. Dr. Phil goes into the trenches to tackle Stacy's cheating ways and help this family in crisis.

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Stacy's History
Stacy has been married three times and has five children. One child she sent to live with his biological father and another son was given up for adoption.

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Marriage Woes
Stacy admits that she's had three affairs since she wed Chris five-and-a-half years ago. Her recent fling led to a baby that she placed for adoption. "I was furious. I was shocked beyond belief," says Chris.

 How has adultery impacted this marriage?


"My Mom is a Hypocrite"
Fourteen-year-old Brianne found Stacy's maternity pants in the laundry, but was devastated to learn that stepdad Chris wasn't the baby's father. "I'm very angry with my mom for betraying me and my family," says Brianne.

 Brianne's story.


An Aggressive Son
Chris fears for the safety of his 4-year-old son Chandler because of stepson Michael's aggressive behavior. Stacy sent another son, Braeden, to live with his father because she couldn't protect Braeden from Michael.


Dr. Phil's thoughts on Michael's behavior.