Over 25,000 of you voted in our poll on fathers and daughters, with more than half of you saying your relationship is in need of repair. Dr. Phil offers advice on bridging the gap and moving past the pain.

Not Daddy's Little Girl
Annette says she's angry about being at the bottom of her father's priority list — even his dog comes first! "I can't imagine loving my dog more than loving my daughter," she cries.


 Annette and her father face off.  


'A Bottomless Pit'
Chaynah was 5 when her father left, and now she has a hard time trusting her husband, Lonny. "It seems like no amount of love that Lonny can give will relieve my fear of abandonment," she says.



 Chaynah's unfinished emotional business.   


Robin and Her Dad
Dr. Phil's wife, Robin, shares some important lessons that she learned from her father, and explains how that relationship affected her own marriage.

What brings Robin to tears?