The average person gains between five and 10 pounds over the holidays. This year, you can get through the holidays and lose weight — without feeling deprived — if you follow Dr. Phil's plan.

Hundreds of viewers have commented about Terri's hair, saying it's time for her to get a new look.




Stylists to the stars give Terri a makeover


Do you overeat over the holidays? You're not alone! This holiday season, you can stay healthy and enjoy.



The challengers share a healthy holiday meal. 


With the help of three women who love Thomas, Dr. Phil has a holiday surprise for him.




Win a romantic weekend trip with Thomas!  


Dr. Phil then unveils the next big prize: The team that loses the most weight by the first of the year will win a vacation at a Golden Door Spa in Puerto Rico, Colorado or California — a package worth $12,000 per challenger! Also, Precor gives Team Two their choice of an elliptical machine, treadmill or cycle, while Team One (who's already won the Precor equipment) gets a special stretch trainer from Precor.

Which piece of cardio equipment is right for you?


Dr. Phil's Tip of the Day  

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