Dr. Phil shows his guests — and you — how to make your resolutions a reality.

Resolution Follow-ups
Last year, Tammy and Karen appeared on "Making Your Resolutions a Reality." Both women came to the show wanting to lose weight and got the tools they needed to reach their goals.

Did they achieve success?


A "Disgusting" Habit
When Steve quit smoking, he began chewing nicotine gum, which he is now addicted to. But that's not the worst of it. He insists on leaving his chewed gum everywhere so he can re-chew it!


Dr. Phil has advice for Steve.


Shop 'Til You Drop
Bobbie's shop-aholic ways caused her to declare bankruptcy — but didn't put a damper on her buying sprees. Now that she's $15,000 in debt, she wants to end her shopping addiction.



View Bobbie's story.


Addicted to TV
On "Take It Away!" Dr. Phil took away Gregg's seven TVs for 24 hours, much to the delight of his wife Lisa. Did Gregg learn his lesson and curb his TV addiction?



See how they're doing today.