It's a silent epidemic that could be hidden by your sister, your best friend, even your wife. Dr. Phil delivers a wake-up call to some guests with very dangerous addictions.

A highly addictive painkiller has a hold on JoAnn, who takes 20 extra-strength pills a day just to feel normal.

"Your whole life is a lie," Dr. Phil tells JoAnn. 

Laura's 11-year addiction to an over-the-counter drug has caused her to lie to everyone she knows and has even landed her in the hospital for a blood transfusion.

"You are dying as you sit there before me today," Dr. Phil tells Laura.
 Update: How is she doing now?

Anne is a sex addict who's had more than 200 partners, putting her health and her life in danger.

"It has nothing to do with sex," Dr. Phil tells Anne.

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