Thousands of you have joined Dr. Phil's "Booty Camp" and seen huge results. If you still haven't motivated to reach your goals, it's not too late. Today's guests, who want to lose 20 to 30 pounds, are enlisting in "Booty Camp" and you can too!

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A few weeks ago, Jodi told Dr. Phil she wanted to lose 20 pounds.





Look at her then and see how she's doing now.  

Fad diets are not just ineffective — they can be dangerous.





Kathy's yo-yo dieting nearly took her life. 


Michele needs help with portion control and getting rid of the junk food in her house.





Nutritionist J.J. Virgin makes a house call.


Christy is a single mom who says she doesn't have time to get to the gym.



Robert Reames shows her a home fitness program.



Jaimie eats sugar and junk food all day long and doesn't exercise.





She wants to lose weight before getting pregnant.


After raising five kids, Karlyne says it's time to focus on herself.






Dr. Phil surprises her at the grocery store.

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