These Weight Loss Challenge "superstars" have lost hundreds of pounds and dozens of inches from their waistlines. Find out how they're doing it as they mentor four people who are starting to read The Ultimate Weight Solution and joining the challenge.

Jim started the challenge as the funny fat guy. Now, he's 90 pounds lighter and has a lot to laugh about.



The secret to his success. 



In losing 69 pounds so far, Thomas says he's found himself.



Thomas mentors a friend. 



Now that she's lost 50 pounds, Terri has a new lease on life.




She brings a childhood friend on board. 



Before the challenge, Barbara hated looking in the mirror. Now, she's preparing for a bikini contest!



What's helped her most? 



Thousands of you entered Precor's giveaway of fitness equipment.




Meet the lucky winner.

Which cardio equipment is right for you?



What are you waiting for?
Read The Ultimate Weight Solution and The Ultimate Weight Solution Food Guide, and in the challenge now!

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