Stacy Drops a Bombshell
Stacy and her husband Chris are struggling to survive her three affairs, the threat of bankruptcy and parenting dilemmas. She and Chris are also in conflict because she wants to maintain contact with the baby from her recent affair who's been placed for adoption.
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Baby on the Way
After the taping of the first show, Stacy drops a bombshell — she's pregnant with her sixth child. "It seems like there's always something that's being added to the chaos," says Chris.


Dr. Phil's reaction to Stacy's pregnancy.



$125,000 in Debt
"Our financial situation is on my mind 24/7," says Stacy, who has pawned her jewelry to pay the utility bills. Elizabeth Warren, a Harvard law professor and financial planner, steps in to assess the family's mounting debt and help them avoid bankruptcy.

Professor Warren's advice to Chris and Stacy.



Mixed Blessings
When Stacy placed Bohdan — her baby from her most recent affair — for adoption, she maintained a close relationship with his adoptive parents, much to her husband's disapproval. Now with Bohdan's baptism just weeks away, Stacy and Chris are in conflict.

Dr. Phil's advice to Stacy.



Michael's Future
At 12 years old, Stacy's son Michael already has a criminal record. She says his aggressive behavior toward her other children and his expulsion from school are a constant stress. Dr. Phil looks at institutional placement for Michael.

A new home for Michael?

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The Two-Income Trap by Elizabeth Warren and Amelia Warren Tyagi