Robin joins Dr. Phil to answer your questions ... including the ones asking her to give up the dirt on Dr. Phil!

What's Dr. Phil really like at home? What lands him in the doghouse? How does Robin stay in shape?




Robin spills the beans.

Ask her your question!


Chad is fed up with his wife who's always quoting Dr. Phil.




Annette needs to lighten up!



Dawn says her husband Arnaud pays too much attention to his dog, even "spooning" her under the covers.



Dr. Phil has advice.


Three single siblings say they haven't found true love because of a family curse.




What's Dr. Phil's theory?


Tara is 30 and married, but her dad still pops by to take out the trash.





Tara wants him to stop meddling.



Pamela is fed up with her all-male household, and wishes her men would respect her more.



Robin can answer this one!