It's the halfway mark for four of Dr. Phil's "Booty Camp" recruits, who wanted to lose 20-30 pounds in 10 weeks. Dr. Phil checks in with them to find out if they're reaching their goals.


Checking In

These four women said they were ready to get real.



See them before.

 How are they doing now?



Pooch with a Paunch

Julie's nickname is "Fat-Fat." And where there's a fat pet, an owner may need to lose weight.



Trimming down for adults and pets. 



Stress Munching
Carolyn, who wants to lose 20 pounds, says stress is making her overeat.


What should she do?  



Plateau Busters Workout

Everyone is bound to hit a weight loss plateau — including the challengers!



Get their workout!


Dr. Phil's Tip of the Day 


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Extra Content

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