These viewers have completely changed their lives by following Dr. Phil's 7 Keys to Weight Loss Freedom. What are you waiting for? Get involved!


After years of yo-yo dieting, Joy lost 98 pounds when she decided to get real. Also, meet Amy who lost 152 pounds and Mike who's 100 pounds slimmer.


 How did they do it?



The team that has lost the most weight since the last weigh-in wins an incredible Golden Door spa package for each challenger and a guest. By less than a pound per person, Team One wins!



See how all the challengers are doing.


Monika and Kim have been ambassadors in their hometowns, enlisting their communities to be a part of the Weight Loss Challenge.



See what they're up to.



Jay McGraw takes a trip to North Dallas High School to encourage students to get in shape. He'll also be using The Ultimate Weight Solution For Teens to start a Weight Loss Challenge for teens!



Read The Ultimate Weight Solution and The Ultimate Weight Solution Food Guide, and get involved in the challenge now!
Find out more about "Booty Camp" and Dr. Phil's "Rapid Start" program.

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