Dr. Phil referees for three married couples who admit that their lives would be perfect if not for the one big fight that's sabotaging their relationships.

The Road to Ruin
"Our one big fight happens every time we get in the car," confesses Jennifer. She says she can't stand her husband's driving ... but what are they really fighting about?


 Dr. Phil's advice to Jennifer and Adam.

An Even Exchange?
Jen returns everything she's dissatisfied with - even items that don't belong to her. Her obsession is causing the only problem in her marriage.


 Can Dr. Phil reform this shopper?

 Has Jen changed her ways?

Vacation Blues
Jerry's a busy chiropractor who can't adjust to taking family vacations. He says he cringes at the thought of hitting the road with eight children, and his wife, Deidre, wants things to change.

Dr. Phil's advice to Jerry and Deidre.