Twelve-Year-Old Michael Leaves Home

As Stacy reveals that she's pregnant with baby number six, Dr. Phil continues his work with the family at this crucial time. Follow the series.

"My Family's Disappearing"
At Dr. Phil's suggestion, 12-year-old Michael is leaving home to live at a school for at-risk kids. "I feel like, one by one, you're just shipping us all off," an angry Brianne tells her mother. 

Michael's new home.



Extended Family
Just months after placing her newborn for adoption, Stacy reveals that she's pregnant again with her sixth child. She sits down with her kids to tell them.


Brianne's reaction.


"I Gave Up on Our Family"
Taking Dr. Phil's advice, Stacy admits to Brianne that she's had more than one affair while married to Chris. "How can you do that to your husband and to us?" Brianne sobs.


Dr. Phil's talk with Brianne.



Family Scapegoat?
"I'm not just a compilation of the sins and indiscretions and mistakes that I've made," Stacy says, concerned that she's being unfairly portrayed on the show.


Stacy's side.



Road to Recovery
With credit card debt and outstanding student loans totaling nearly $125,000, Chris and Stacy need a financial plan.


Will Stacy get a job?

What you didn't see on the show.

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