Thousands of teens applied to be chosen for the Teen Weight Loss Challenge, but only five will make the cut. Dr. Phil and Jay introduce the lucky teenagers who are about to begin a life-altering journey.


Jael, 12 years old and 181 pounds, hopes to lose weight in time for her upcoming Bat Mitzvah.  



 Meet Jael.


Jesse is 16 years old and loves fast food. He weighs 199 pounds and wants to lose 50. 




 Meet Jesse.


Whitney is 5'2," 222 pounds and wishes she could look more like her tall, thin sisters. 




 Meet Whitney.



Stacey, 17, is 6'6" and 313 pounds. She thinks that losing weight will help her accept her height.  




 Meet Stacey.



Jonathan, 14, is 151 pounds, and his doctors want him to lose 20 pounds. 




Meet Jonathan.


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