Some of you say that Dr. Phil's advice has left you "irked," "boiling mad" and "ready to rumble." Dr. Phil responds to your complaints.

A viewer says that Dr. Phil and Robin seem "too perfect." She asks, "Do you ever disagree?"  



Find out Robin's secret role.


Sharon gives Dr. Phil a talking to about the way he talks. 



Dr. Phil gets homework.


Ever since Joanne saw the show about "Competitive Parents," she's been fuming.




Why is Joanne so angry?



On a "Parenting 101" show, Dr. Phil helped parents deal with a biting child.





 Lynn says he's off the mark. 



On "Accidents Waiting to Happen," Dr. Phil had advice for parents who let their child play with knives.  



Did he use "kid gloves"?



Kristen, who got married in her 20s, says Dr. Phil's marriage advice is "wrong." 





More on age and marriage.


A viewer from Texas says Dr. Phil gives her state a bad name. He responds: 




"Those are fighting words!"