You'll remember these guests! Dr. Phil checks back in to see how their lives have changed.

Sex Games
Linda (left) bartered sex for gifts from her husband. Michelle (right) cheated on her husband with his permission.



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How are they now?



Baby Talker
Julie baby talked her husband into giving her whatever she wanted, and he was sick of her childish behavior.




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Is she still using baby talk?



Extreme PDA
Rachel was embarrassed by her parents' constant tongue kissing in public.




"Is This Normal"

What's new for this family?



Lifelong Habit
Mollie had been sucking her thumb for 32 years, and wanted to stop her bad habit.




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How's Mollie now?



Mournful Mom
For four years, Elisabeth grieved every time her daughter left to go back to college, even though she'd be back the following weekend.




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How are things now?



Immersion Therapy
Dene's phobia of the phone kept her from answering it, making doctor's appointments, and returning calls from friends.




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Did Dene cure her phobia?



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