From Prada purses and SUVs to Tiffany jewelry and designer clothes, these pre-teens and teens are obsessed with luxury items. Dr. Phil talks to parents and kids about materialism and values.

Fashion Foreclosure
Theresa has maxed out her credit cards and put her family in debt to buy luxury items for her kids. Her daughter Leah, 17, has everything a teen could ask for, and now wants a Cadillac or Lexus SUV.


"You're creating a monster," says Dr. Phil.


Designer Daughter
Ryan and Alyse are concerned about their very fashion- and label-conscious daughter, who's only 11. Is this the media's influence and how do they rescue her values?



Dr. Phil talks with their daughter.



"Material Girl"
Erica, 17, looks up to rich girls like Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie, and says it's just a matter of time before she's rich and famous too. Her mother Alana thinks Erica's obsessed with this fantasy.



Dr. Phil gives Erica a dose of reality.