Family freeloaders, adult moochers, spoiled children " call them what you want, but these kids are too old to still be living at home. Dr. Phil talks with parents who are trying to get their adult children out of the house, and he even helps one mom kick her son out!

Thirty Years Old, Still at Home
Christy and her two children have been living with her mom for almost three years. Christy doesn't like living there, but says she can't afford to move out on her own.


Dr. Phil gives Christy a wake-up call.



Time to Leave the Nest
Twenty-four-year-old Erick only works 20 hours a week, recently dropped out of school, and is still living at home! His mom, Kris, says "Independence Day" is right around the corner.




Dr. Phil has a big surprise in store for Erick.



Worn Out His Welcome
Bob and Stephanie constantly rescue their down and out family members. They don't know how to get rid of their 21-year-old nephew, who has been their houseguest for two years.



Dr. Phil's advice for Bob, Stephanie and Dustin.


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