Stacy and Chris Face Off

With Stacy's sixth child on the way, she and Chris struggle to rebuild their five-and-a-half-year marriage. 

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Marriage on the Brink
"My marriage is falling apart at the seams," says Stacy. Can she and Chris save their relationship? 

Dr. Phil urges Chris to take a stand.



An Issue of Trust
Stacy, who's cheated on Chris three times, admits that she doesn't trust anyone, especially her husband.

What's next for the couple?



"An Emotional Divorce"
Dr. Phil turns Chris and Stacy face to face. Chris tells her, "I don't trust you with my feelings."

Dr. Phil's exercise with Stacy and Chris



Brianne's Taste of Alcohol
Fourteen-year-old Brianne was devastated after Chris gave her a bite of margarita pie that had tequila. "Our trust bridge has been completely smashed," she cries.


Chris speaks up.