Drug addiction is a complex disease, resistant to treatment, and subject to relapse, but it can be conquered and managed. Dr. Phil follows up with Brandon and his family three months after Brandon's stay at a drug treatment facility.

Catch up with Brandon's intervention and recovery.

Brandon's Relapse
Shortly after Brandon's last appearance, his demons led him down the wrong path. Dr. Phil sits down with Brandon and proposes an assignment to help him get his life back on track.


See Dr. Phil and Brandon's one-on-one.



Brandon's Project
Brandon reveals how he kept his drug addiction concealed from his family and the tips parents can look for if they suspect their child is using drugs.


"What you're about to hear could save your child's life," Dr. Phil tells the audience.



Family Rehabilitation
The immediate danger is over, but now this family unit needs rehabilitation. Could Doug and Debbie's behavior be sabotaging Brandon's progress?


Dr. Phil talks with Brandon and his family.



Find a Passion
Dr. Phil told Brandon to find something in life to get excited about to replace the role that drugs played in his life, and Brandon has expressed an interest in acting.


Dr. Phil has a surprise for Brandon.



Final Comments
After the show is over, Dr. Phil asks Doug, Debbie and Brandon what else they'd like to say.

What you didn't see.


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