Dr. Phil checks back in with some of his most memorable guests, whose problems ranged from addictions to sexual slumps. Have they changed?

A Dangerous Game
Tony was not only in the hot seat with his wife, Christina, but also with many viewers who were outraged that he exposed his 4-year-old son, Zander, to knives and chains.


See Tony and Christina's first appearance.

Update: His wife has a new concern.



A Recovering Addict
When Laura came on the show, she was using potentially fatal amounts of ephedrine daily. Now that she's successfully completed drug treatment, Laura faces another crisis.


Dr. Phil's wake-up call to Laura.

Update: How is she doing now?



Still Brutally Honest?
Fentisha was so blunt that she was offending her friends. After being on the show, she learned to tame her tongue, but now says she can't stop thinking judgmental thoughts.


Fentisha's former brand of honesty.

Update: Dr. Phil role-plays with Fentisha.



Still in a Slump?
When Kristine and Bruce came on the show, their race to conceive had turned sex into a chore. Is infertility still threatening their marriage?


See the couple's first visit.

Update: Kristine and Bruce's good news.



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