Dr. Phil follows up with some of his most unforgettable guests who were all battling the bulge. Find out how they're doing as they follow Dr. Phil's seven keys.

Plummeting Pounds
Cafi, who has yo-yo dieted for 30 years, calls diets "fattening." Having gone from a size 20 to a size 4, she now worries that she'll continue losing weight.


Dr. Phil reassures Cafi.



A Toxic Lifestyle
"The disgust was killing me," says Charles, who once weighed 356 pounds. Since his 114-pound weight loss, his mother says he looks sick, and he also wonders if he's lost too much weight.


Dr. Phil's advice to Charles.



Joell Update
When 611-pound Joell appeared on an episode about weight interventions, she hadn't left her house in over two months.


Joell's good news.

See how far Joell has come.


Dr. Phil's Own Family
When Dr. Phil's sisters were on the show, they both admitted that their weight was out of control. Now that they've lost weight, find out the hardest thing they each have to deal with.


Dr. Phil checks in with his sisters.



Tony's Reason for Living
At 468 pounds, Dr. Phil's nephew was fighting for his life. Now that he's lost 44 pounds, Tony says, "I feel much more alive and energetic."


Tony's next goal.


Too Thin?
Kerri thought her family and friends would be thrilled that she lost 140 pounds. "Nobody liked the new me," she says. 



Without a Partner
Now that Derrick has made losing weight a priority, his wife Eileen says she feels like a single parent. Derrick believes his wife is envious of his weight loss.


Dr. Phil helps Derrick find balance.

"A Whole New Child"
Dr. Phil also follows up with 12-year-old Kyle, who tipped the scales at 195 pounds. He arranged for Kyle to attend a weight loss camp, where he lost 45 pounds. "Life is great," says Kyle.  



DrPhil.com Exclusive
Dr. Phil gives his final thoughts on today's show and allows the audience to ask some questions of their own. 



What you didn't see on the show.  


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