What happens when a bride's dream of the perfect wedding turns into a nightmare? With the help of wedding experts, Dr. Phil has advice on avoiding wedding disasters that every bride needs to know.

"My Best Friend Ruined My Wedding"
Christie says her matron of honor threatened to be a no show at the ceremony and joked about Christie's weight in her speech. The two haven't seen each other since the wedding.


When a wedding breaks up a friendship.



Out-of-Control Mom
Lorie calls herself a "control freak," and wants to plan her daughter Erin's wedding according to the bridal books. From the number of guests to the wedding dress, this mother of the bride is taking charge.  


Dr. Phil throws the book at Lorie.



Here Comes the Bride ... Again
Keesha calls her wedding day "a disaster from beginning to end." Her gown got caught on a nail, a bridesmaid fainted, and the food at the reception was frozen! She can't get over the fiasco.



A surprise for Keesha.

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