Confronting Alex about Dating Again

Dr. Phil and his son, Jay, talk to Alex about boys, sex and what she needs to do to avoid making the same mistake twice.

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New Beginnings
After the last show, Katherine had a lot to think about, and she shares her thoughts in a video diary. Also, Dr. Phil checks in with Marty to talk about his role in Katherine's life.


"I've definitely changed," Katherine reflects.


The Backstage Meeting
After a previous show, Dr. Phil spoke with Erin and Marty about Alex's dire situation.


"That girl is at risk of getting pregnant again," Dr. Phil tells them.


Meeting with Jay
Alex and Katherine talk to Jay about teenage boys, dating and sex. He shows them a whole other world of boys, and offers them some brotherly advice. 


What did they discuss? What was Jay's advice?


Erin and Marty React
Dr. Phil talks with Erin and Marty about their reaction to Alex's conversations with Jay, and he advises them on what their role needs to be. Plus, Dr. Phil has a life-changing surprise for Alex.


What has Dr. Phil prepared for Alex?


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